Event Produce

We are planning a variety of genres of events.




Thats Cabaret




In 2003, Japan, it was not penetrated called Burlesque, we had been held on an irregular basis as new cabaret style legend of the event

" Thats Cabaret YOKOHAMA" in Yokohama.


 At great historic building in Yokohama, we had waged exciting performance by Japan's leading burlesque dancer, singer, jazz band etc.


 In 2005, we had also held in NY performances. The following year, in place of the famous in Yokohama " Yokohama Bankart " , we recorded the highest turnout ever at a party in this place. In 2008, had a event at The MacArthur loved the underground hideout and all tickets sold out within 10 minutes. The performer's audition was capacity over.


From now on , We will be held  the event somewhere by changing the style.














Kids Disco


It will be held on an irregular basis.

For a change in child-rearing!


We hope enjoy SwitchyWorld's unique Kids Disco for both of Kids and Adults !!


Check the blog! News letter!

or Our web site!










Arrange of

your anniversary


In the Las Vegas or around Las Vegas,

Wedding, birthday, Surprise planning, Baby shower, marriage proposal, the turning point of your life.


A reputation for Surprise planning company "SwitchyWorld" will arrange of your anniversary !!


First of all, do not hesitate to contact us.

Let each other making a mutual idea.

From nice planning is born be there .




Photo Session



It is a SwitchyWorld's unique photo session.


With your family, your partner or your kids etc.. It will be a very good memory.


Transformed into styling that is tailored to your wishes! Let's get to take pictures from a professional photographer.







We have a lot planned also to other.

Check the blog! News letter!

or Our web site! Please look forward to our own event

or project of SwitchyWorld!!




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