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HeLLoMuNa! (ハロムナ) 

Japanese Burlesque All Stars Group.

Produced by HIBARI

Member: UmA ShAdow, Haruka delsole, MECAV, Rita Goldie



ラスベガスで毎年行われる世界最大級のバーレスク世界大会、BHoFこと、Burlesque Hall of Fame weekenderの本戦に、2024年、日本代表として選出された。


🎙Monthly Live Streaming🎙



Japanese Burlesque All Stars Group.

Produced by HIBARI


The group has been secretly preparing for its debut in 2024. The group is a group of burlesque performers (all of them holders of burlesque competition titles in the world) who are the hot burlesque dancers in Japan now. They were selected to represent Japan in 2024 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame weekender, also known as BHoF, one of the world's largest burlesque competitions held every year in Las Vegas.


🎙Monthly Live Streaming🎙.

The program `Hello! Anata to Atashi no Munasawagi’ is live streaming once a month, which broadcasts information about burlesque scene in Japan and overseas, as well as various other things.


This program was started with the aim of improving Japanese burlesque culture, while providing information on the state of burlesque in Japan and abroad, and so on.

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